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December 8, 2008


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**finally I got this one into order! I'm so stupid, I didn't realize I can put this into parts. XD Tell me if I have missed your character! I've been messing up with this, so I might have accidentally erased it.**

All credits for the idea of this list goes to Equinus and her massive equine character list! :D If you have any equine OCs, be sure to tell her!

How do I add my character? What are the 'rules'?

:bulletpurple: Post a comment on this journal OR send me a note with the list of your character/s (yes, list as many characters you have/want).
:bulletpurple: If you have a clear reference picture of your character, give me the link so everyone can see your pretty character/s! (can be just a drawing or a proper reference sheet)
:bulletpurple: A link is NOT a must. The character's name will get to teh list as long as they exist.
:bulletpurple: Your character must not be a pure canidae.
:bulletpurple: Additional parts from other species (wings, lizzard tails, spikes, mecha parts etc.) are accepted.
:bulletpurple: Not only quadrupedals are included, but also anthropomorphics!

If you have any questions go ahead and ask. ;3

:bulletpurple: :bulletpurple: :bulletpurple: :bulletpurple: :bulletpurple:

Abgrund Hellishhound
Accalia Xweenon
Ace Coral-APTX
Achtung eamilia
aciD Hakaishi
Adria redtail-jess
Aemelis eamilia
Aenaru Shiruchan
Aertex LimizukiStudios
Agenza agenza
Aicrio drunkdrawings
Aiden whisp
Aiden Zooky
Aii Featherwolf-Pluma
Aika luccain
Aile Anabelcia
Ainuita blazingdusk
Aisha Moondragon78
Akari wolf-ketsueki
Akela Red-Moon-Wolf
Akito Shiloaf
aKma Janaita
Akuma TangerineVampire
Akura Featherwolf-Pluma
Alacar Skaralett
Alcoum redtail-jess
Alec klownherz
Aleil  blazingdusk
Alejandra drunkdrawings
Alex drunkdrawings
Alex Weird0Freak
Aloka Wolf250
Amaitsuyu blazingdusk
Amani Avyris
Amei Amei-san
Amioteh kirio-13
Anabel Anabelcia
Andy strawberry-mint
Anej Hellishhound
Angel joobli-bunni
Angel Ocelotspirit
Anikita Nushaa
Ankhetsitamuhn Aviatoreh
Anthrax Nushaa
Aphex jadeswolf
Apollo jadeswolf
Apparatus Coral-APTX
Apparatus Sessha
Araktugage Araktugage
Arank Saske-Italian-Wolf
Archer bigblackhorse101
Ardrane Neikoish
Argos Avyris
Ari Wint3rHeart
Arienette grihm
Arihiyo Rikori95
Ariza HellxAbovexHeaven
Arra LoneWolfKait
Arrow LoneWolfKait
Arsenic Lasol
Asardos Avyris
Asha sandeyes13
Asher Avyris
Astor ADATWB9146
Astra ADATWB9146
Asubui blazingdusk
Atsuko eamilia
Augenblick eamilia
Austin De La Bleu kadosira
Auyrn blazingdusk
Avia Aviatoreh
Axsca axsca
Azaelia (Darkness-13) Darkness-13

Count: 73

Baldwhyn SpinagePuffs
Bandit Weird0Freak
Bane ayame-souka
Banshee Banshee311
Banshee shibalicious
Barney Ryuno-san
Barren sandeyes13
Barro kadosira
Battle Ocelotspirit
Bella RaychelSparrow
Benjamin Sukihakoro
Benu MischievousPooka
Beso drunkdrawings
Bethany TangerineVampire
Blackbird snailbird
Blaze Ocelotspirit
Blaze PhantomStalker
Blintahro blazingdusk
Blitz LarkPash
Blizzard Ocelotspirit
Blue WienRose
Blue NightReaper01
Blue Nushaa
Blue sibirianwolf
Blue WolfessKiss
BlueDiamond Sunriel
Bluefire NightReaper01
Blysse sandeyes13
Bouff Nushaa
Boukenji Angolca
Breaksea Tawreh
Broken Dreamer Weird0Freak
Brownie Moondragon78
Bubbles Moondragon78
'Bull TeraSullen
Buraki Avyris
Burbank Vaisey

count: 38

C-4 kovat
Cacin WienRose
Caedri PreciousAngelWings
Calibur shibalicious
Caligula Nazcon
Caluilea pichu4850
Canaro PreciousAngelWings
Can Can agenza
Candy Millbrook MischievousPooka
Capricorn Darkness-13
Caraabella Shiloaf
Cardigan PreciousAngelWings
Carlile drunkdrawings
Cassandra RedrumWolf
Cassie RedrumWolf
Catastrophe grihm
Cathy Sunriel
Ceci Cerade
Cedric luccain
Cel CelesteStorywriter
Celeste axsca
Celestial CelestialSpiritWolf
Cha Cha Lady-Puma
Charlie drunkdrawings
Chase LoneWolfKait
Chaz Edo-of-the-wolves
Cheetah WienRose
Cherianey RedrumWolf
Chi Darkfire DarkTail67
Chips FioryTrinity
Chitraka Aviatoreh
Chocolate WienRose
Chots pichu4850
Chranller Neikoish
Chronica PreciousAngelWings
Chryssa Shiloaf
Ciara Animefreakgirl
Cindy MischievousPooka
Cinnamon Kabachu
Cirus shibalicious
Cityies xSugar-Hookerx
Clay WienRose
Claws Ocelotspirit
Cloud Spudtato
Clover WolfessKiss
Cody luccain
Colleen Weird0Freak
Comet joltywolf
Connor Avyris
Connor joltywolf
Consequence Hellishhound
Corruption AstraBloodmoon
Coryn The--Shining--Wolf
Crash KimmenWolf
Crash kirio-13
Creishi Cerade
Crimson redtail-jess
Cross wolfshadow10
Crow scruffycat171
Crunk RaychelSparrow
Crush RaychelSparrow
Crystal doglover100829
Cyx Edo-of-the-wolves

count: 62

Dagger Wolf250
Dagger wolfshadow10
Dahlia Nikki-Nervosa
Daiski KeroFirestar
Daisy PreciousAngelWings
Dallas VioletVampireVixen
Dameon Amei-san
Damien joltywolf
Danne seynadarkwolf
Dante axsca
Daren Avyris
Dark Fang Ocelotspirit
Dawg print RaychelSparrow
Dawn ayame-souka
Deev CopperdragonArt
Delinquent Dog DelinquentDog
Demijeta blazingdusk
Dioxide Aviatoreh
Denali Airlesse
Dene TangerineVampire
Denim drunkdrawings
Denis causticxace
Depresiana Angolca
Destiny RonTheWolf
Dexter IForgotWhoIam
Dhanskoh drunkdrawings
Diego axsca
Dihmitriv KillerKyah
Dim ayame-souka
D'Leh Saske-Italian-Wolf
Derange LoneWolfKait
Domino Avyris
Dove wolfshadow10
Dowen kadosira
Draggy DraggyGirl
Duke WienRose
Duke unicorn-skydancer08
Duke TangerineVampire
Dunkan drunkdrawings
Dusky Ocelotspirit
Dylan Tawreh
Dynasty shibalicious

count: 41

Earth Day Edo-of-the-wolves
Eleweth YannyNakami
Elijah RedrumWolf
Ellanthra SapphireWolfRae
Ellizium ScreamingWolfy
Emiko LoneWolfKait
Emilee Anniepopokios
Emily LoneWolfKait
Emma JeweledFaith
Enigma Enigma-Shadow
Eshe Miu-Nebit
Evailior WienRose
Evy HellxAbovexHeaven

count: 13

Failve Neikoish
Fallon kadosira
Farborn sandeyes13
Fatal joltywolf
Faux MerleFox
Fear Shiloaf
Fearless Fatality Weird0Freak
Fenris Lyn-Zo
Fenris Umbree
Feral Darkness-13
Fever wolfshadow10
Fiona TangerineVampire
Fionette BabyWolverines
Fiory FioryTrinity
Flame Dalamar89
Flea wolfshadow10
Flee WienRose
Flinixia Lady-Puma
Fluffy Ocelotspirit
Fool Submerse
Foresight Hellishhound
Forodrenuir Angolca
Foxfiyah UnbrokenKarma
Fred Maybah-Loton
Fura Moondragon78
Furidamu eamilia

count: 24

Gabriel TangerineVampire
Galactic redtail-jess
Gamot Nushaa
Ganarth PreciousAngelWings
Garon Ocelotspirit
Garth Ocelotspirit
Garrou Nushaa
Gazette Hakaishi
Geist Flintfur
George Avyris
Ghost Edo-of-the-wolves
Giwagu eamilia
Glynn KillerKyah
Godivaira Darkness-13
Grad Avyris
Gray Neikoish
Greensprout Wint3rHeart
Griffin Acid-Vertigo
Grihm grihm
Grudge Sessha
Guionnie KillerKyah

count: 21

Habit wolfshadow10
Hakaishi Hakaishi
Halcyon blazingdusk
Haley axsca
Hallohween grihm
Hamaru KimmenWolf
Hanako BarkBack
Hanyou TangerineVampire
Haradrenuir Angolca
Harka AstraBloodmoon
Haru WienRose
Haruka Avyris
Hazel Janaita
Herdyx Amber-jo
Heruoite KumoriDragon
Higo Hellishhound
HookWorm Weird0Freak
Hopeliss Lazeros
Hopscotch drunkdrawings
Hound Houndourka
Hunter redtail-jess
Hunter BlueHunter
Hollifroy drunkdrawings
Hollow wolfshadow10
Holocaust Darkness-13
Honey TangerineVampire
Hoopee eamilia

count: 27

Ian redtail-jess
Ichy IchyCheshire
Icy Moondragon78
Idai eamilia
Identity Crisis I-Cri
iinFLUenza Sessha
Ilari seynadarkwolf
Ilek Araktugage
Imwally Wally-Burger
Ink Nushaa
Itsumo kirio-13
Ixa Saffith
Izelre SIRbluemoustache

count: 13


:bulletpurple: :bulletpurple: :bulletpurple: :bulletpurple: :bulletpurple:

Will add more alphabetics to the list if needed!

Feel free to spread the word!! Let's make this list BIG :D</u>
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Siburu Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Ayame - [link]
4dm677 Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Now I am going to draw my canine OCs so I can add them @_@ this list is so long that I just had to have mine mentioned and now I must draw them xD

:iconsashahely: has a lot of canine OCs. You can ask to put hers here, and she'll most likely reply because she's a very social person. She replies to most, if not all my comments. :)
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Can they also be yer fursonas, or just characters?
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Dante --> [link]
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bliss [link] :heart:
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can i add
Coyo [link]
Lutz [link]

thanks :3
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Hello janaitaseni xD Tulin kiusaamaan sinua 8D

Darkness ----> [link]
Devon Salamanter -----> [link]
Valter rodestiques -----> [link]
adatude Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2009
0.o so long sadly i havent drawn mine or thought much about him yet... i will try to make him soon ^^ i got lots of things i wanted to draw
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